Learn to wear sneakers for every occasion

Footwear is the quintessential complement to any look, and among the countless options available, sports shoes have become one of the most used and flattering options today.  

It seems that sneakers have arrived with great force and they have done it to stay , being increasingly present in all kinds of looks, and not only masculine, but also feminine. The sports shoe industry reaches all audiences, and no longer understands ages or styles.  

Gone are the times when shoes were only valid for sports , for weekends or to complete the most sporty looks , since today shoes combine practically with everything and are present in the most important events .While sneakers have become a must in the wardrobe of any man.

Of course, you have to know when and how to wear the shoes according to each occasion , since they can be very flattering and even have the ability to improve a style, but they also have the risk of ruining any outfit .

For this reason, at Makarthy we are going to teach you how to wear shoes for every occasion. and most importantly, get it right .So if you are a lover of sneakers and take advantage of any occasion to include them in your looks, pay attention and take note because this interests you.  

Sneakers, an ideal footwear for day to day  

Sneakers are perfect to wear on the day, being a shoe that will bring more casual style without sacrificing sophistication, plus a bonus of comfort that is greatly appreciated.  

The most important thing is to use shoes that combine well with the color of clothes you are wearing , and here you have to take certain aspects into account.  

One of them is that if you wear a very colorful or patterned look, opt for simpler sneakers , since otherwise you run the risk of making an outfit that is too overloaded and extravagant.  

With this type of looks, the white sneakers and dark blue shoes are safe bets.Two classics that never go out of style and that are always a success, since due to their simplicity they combine with everything and fit perfectly in all kinds of looks.


If, on the other hand, you wear a more informal and carefree look, you can dare with somewhat more striking sneakers , which will take care of adding a touch of color and help you complete a more fun outfit.  

Two- tone sneakers that combine original and innovative colors will look great , especially in casual style looks with jeans .  

Wear sneakers with an office look  

If the dress code of your work allows it, do not hesitate to include some sneakers in your office looks , in order to bring a more casual air to your more formal looks.Do not be afraid, as the shoes go well even with a suit.  

In the past in the work environment, looks composed of suits and shoes predominated, but in recent years the work dress codes have been relaxed, giving room to sneakers .

But to avoid risks, in office looks we recommend avoiding the most extravagant and striking sneakers , since these could be too daring for the work environment, especially in the more traditional or conventional companies.  

Perfect for evening looks  

Traditionally, when we think of an evening look we relate it directly to the shoes , since generally evening looks are characterized by being more elegant and sophisticated.  

But this is a mistake, since the shoes will help to make a more casual and avant-garde evening look without giving up style , but quite the opposite, since wearing evening shoes will be synonymous with a man who is aware of the latest trends .  

The type of slippers will depend on the type of style you wear and the event you attend , since a dinner at an informal restaurant or a night out with friends will not be the same as a cocktail or an inauguration.  

For a more informal occasion such as a dinner with friends, in which, for example , you wear a casual look composed of five-pocket trousers and a checked shirt , you will have the freedom to wear more daring and striking sneakers , which may not be so suitable for him. day to day.The night is precisely for it.  

One example are these green mint shoes that look elegant and timeless design combined with more innovadore colors s s originale, helping to complete an elegant look while casual perfect to succeed at night.

While for more casual evenings, which luzcas American , Classical plain shirt and chinos , a shoe elegant white s s They will combine perfectly , providing a more casual touch that will create a contrast with the sophistication of the rest of the style.  

In the more formal evening looks, brown and greenish sneakers also fit well, such as these sand- colored sneakers , which combine different colors, or these aqua green sneakers .We love them!

Choose the shoes that best match your style and personality  

Once we are clear on what occasions to wear slippers, at Makarthy we recommend choosing slippers based on your style and personality , since in this way it will be easier for you to incorporate them into these looks in which you used shoes until now, feeling comfortable with them. and even having the feeling that they improve your outfit .  

If you are a more classic or formal person, opt for simpler sneakers in neutral colors such as white or navy blue, while if you characterize yourself as a more informal person and the casual style predominates in your wardrobe, incorporate more sneakers. modern with more striking colors that provide distinction and allow you to stand out above the rest.